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Meet Our Esteemed Consultant: CA Rishabh Kumar Sawansukha

We are very pleased to introduce CA Rishabh Kumar Sawansukha, a multifaceted professional with an impressive array of expertise in various domains. Mr. Sawansukha joins our team at Amrit Digital Era LLP as a highly accomplished consultant, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in diverse areas.

Key Highlights

Versatile Expertise: CA Rishabh Kumar Sawansukha possesses a unique blend of qualifications and skills. He is a Master in Business Finance (MBF), an expert in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) specialist, a Consumer Strategist, a Social Branding Expert, and an accomplished author in the field of Community Commerce.

Entrepreneurial Engagements: Mr. Sawansukha serves as a Partner at BizStreet Consulting Group, a prominent global network of senior business advisors. As a Director at Fruz India Private Limited, he plays a pivotal role in managing a network of good food brands under the Farm2Factory2Fork model. This role showcases his dedication to fostering growth in the food industry.

Social Commitments: CA Rishabh Kumar Sawansukha holds the esteemed position of Chairman at the Jain International Trade Organization (JITO)’s Center For Excellence, which is committed to empowering the community individuals through skilling, upskilling and reskilling. He is also a Patron of the Global Trade & Technology Council of India, highlighting his involvement in a network of global business partners.

Taxation Expert and Consultant: Mr. Sawansukha has managed direct, indirect, and international taxation matters for over 60 countries, including customs, trade, and litigation. He is well-versed in tax technology advisory, training, team management, and representation at the highest levels of taxation authorities. He has guided tax startups and received recognition for his contributions. He is also a sought-after consultant in various domains like legal, finance, e-commerce, digital branding, etc.

Multi-sectoral Expertise: Mr. Sawansukha has a rich and varied experience in sectors like Oil & Energy, e-Commerce, ERP Project Management, Digital Branding, ERP and Cloud Licensing, Agri-Food e-Commerce, Mergers and Acquisitions, and many more.

Startup Ecosystem: Mr. Sawansukha is deeply involved in the startup ecosystem, having invested in nine startups, mentored over 30, and co-founded four. His focus is on community commerce, shared/gig economy, and Farm2Factory2Fork technologies.

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