Mr. Hemant Golechha

As the founder partner of Amrit Digital Era, he brings a wealth of expertise in mentoring, coaching, counselling, training, research, strategic and management consulting to clients. With nearly two decades of senior-level industry experience, he has successfully set up and scaled ventures in business information, research, and strategy consulting. He is a goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities and a belief in timely and organized working methodologies. With over 20 years of teaching experience in commerce and finance-related subjects, ranging from Class XI to M. Com, MBA, CFA, CA, and other courses.

His skill set includes training, conducting workshops, counselling, syndicated (equity, business, and market) research, project and people management, process management, setting, monitoring, and achieving production/publication targets, consulting projects, and teaching. He has extensive experience in managing content and large teams, as well as collaborating with senior professionals at leading investment banks, consulting firms, manufacturers, retailers, students, institutions, and more.

Having built a strong professional network across various fields of business, he has proven ability to work in unison with all departments within a firm. His fields of interest include mentoring, managerial/leadership roles, internal process audits, advisory roles, corporate strategy, planning and budgeting, human resource planning, research and consulting, and work-life balance.

He is particularly passionate about ESG/sustainability-based research and consulting, personal and business counselling/mentoring, work-life balance training, managerial/leadership roles, advisory roles, corporate strategy, financial planning, and budgeting.

Notably, he has achieved academic success at a macro level, being a gold medallist and university topper in his field.

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